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Zerg Zerglings from Starcraft 2!

AFS presenstation 2015 005

Capital ship from Orbit

AFS presenstation 2015 017 fix

Sheet of 15 ownership tabs for Orbit

AFS presenstation 2015 011

Cybran T3 bomber from Supreme Commander


AFS presenstation 2015 006

Dire Wolf from Warcraft 3


Cybran Salem Class from Supreme Commander



Plane model!

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  • Hervé says:


    I came across some of your designs recently and really love what you are up to!

    While Thingiverse is awesome, we like to think we are doing things a little differently here at MyMiniFactory, with curated, guaranteed 3D printable content, that all gets test printed by an internal team. I thought your work would make a good fit for our users, and as such thought I’d contact you regarding this! What does it mean to be part of the MyMiniFactory community? That’s really up to you and how much you want to contribute, but at the very least you will be able to:

    Design: Upload your work, and promote yourself to the community
    Print: Free access to thousands of guaranteed 3D printable files
    Broadcast: Stream your own work live on MyMiniFactory TV, chat & learn 3D design in real time
    Compete: Create 3D designs for Big Brands, win and earn cash!
    Earn $$$: Make money by selling your 3D prints in our store or get tipped by fans

    And because we test print everything, for every 3D design that you upload, we will send you a 3D print free of it free charge:)

    I’d love to have a chat to learn more about your work, tell you more about what we do and see if you would be interested in joining the MyMiniFactory community. Look forward to hearing from you!


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